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A Taste of Success: Gourmet Brand Hits All-Time High of 53% Revenue from Email

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When Singapore-based gourmet brand The Golden Duck approached Emmpa Agency, they were looking for a partner that could help them increase their online presence and create a marketing campaign that fits their needs. Fast forward to 2022–they are making more than half of their revenue through email marketing alone!

So how did they manage to achieve such scalable results despite the pandemic?

Read on to find out.

The Results


increase in general active subscribers since partnering with Emmpa


increase in email revenue since 2020


increase in repeat customers since working with Emmpa


With the rapid increase of both local and intentional customers, The Golden Duck quickly realized that they needed a partner who could help them increase their online presence and revenue. After months of struggling with email marketing platforms that didn’t quite fit the bill (no pun intended), in early 2021, The Golden Duck started their journey with Emmpa Agency.

After only two months since partnering with us, The Golden Duck experienced a positive effect on the bottom line of their business, with more than half their revenue stream from email marketing. Today they continue to build their loyal customer base and achieve sustainable revenue through email.

The Strategy

Due to our optimized email marketing flows and customer-centric approach and content, we helped them kickstart new workflows as well as strategies that benefit the brand.

From identifying the best ways to engage the audience to customizing eye-popping creatives, we’ve helped them reach their target market with seamless ease.

Here’s a super quick rundown of the tactics we applied:

  • Custom email workflows and campaigns

  • Consistent on-brand design across all email campaigns

  • Consistent and regular AB testing

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