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The Inside Skoop: 100% Increase in Placed Order Rates

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An edgy streetwear eCommerce store that doesn’t compromise on quality or creativity, Skoop Kommunity has been in the market since 2017. However, when it came to email marketing, they weren’t achieving the results they wanted. They wanted to maximize their email platform and increase revenue in the long run.

This is where we came in. After partnering with Emmpa Agency in 2021, Skoop Kommunity has built a loyal customer base while generating high email revenue. They generated up to 35% monthly store revenue from its original 0%. So how did we achieve these colorful results?

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The Results


increase in repeat customers


increase in total store revenue since 2020


increase in placed order rates


Skoop Kommunity has always been aware of email marketing and its potential to grow a business. They wanted to fully utilize their email platform and ensure it reached its full potential. After a month of partnering with Emmpa Agency, Skoop saw an email revenue increase of 17% from their initial 0%.

The Strategy

Since we were essentially starting from scratch, we planned the proper foundation before implementing best practices and other optimization strategies that were important. This way, we get to ensure that each step of a customer’s journey is covered to achieve email marketing success.

Here’s a super quick rundown of the tactics we applied:

  • Custom email flows for each step of a customer journey

  • Advance segmentation, retargeting, and product-specific campaigns

  • Consistent AB testing and optimization.

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