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Up to 333% Increase in Open Rates and 35% Email Revenue


Wellness brand SkinnyMe Tea needed a robust email marketing program that met their expected results. They wanted to revamp their email marketing workflow with a fresh new strategy, and we brewed the perfect concoction for them (pun intended).

After partnering with Emmpa Agency in 2020, SkinnyMe Tea has seen spectacular growth. Their average open rate for campaigns shot up to 30% from its original 5% before implementing our strategies.

So how did we achieve these results? Continue reading to find out more.

The Results


email revenue in 2021


increase in open rates for campaigns


increase in open rates for flow


Before seeking our service, SkinnyMe Tea already had an extensive email list. We had to help them improve their subscriber engagement and solve their deliverability issue, which caused their emails to land in Spam.


After partnering with Emmpa Agency, SkinnyMe Tea saw an all-time high of 40% of total revenue generated from email marketing during BFCM. All this in less than a year.

The Strategy

We focused on the deliverability issues first before anything else. Setting the proper foundation before implementing best practices and other optimization strategies was important. This way, they have a better chance of achieving email marketing success.


Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Fix existing deliverability issues for a fresh start

  • Focus on proven high-engaging workflows

  • Implement industry best practices for new email campaigns

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